Jahson The Scientist

9 Star Records
EP Release

Die Kollaborateure Jahson the Scientist und Dandario, die in unterschiedlichen Formationen gemeinsam produzieren und auftreten, zeigen in einem Showcase im Rahmen des sound:frame Festivals ihre beiden musikalischen Welten. Jahson the Scientist tritt gemeinsam mit dem Sänger Paulo Luemba auf. Visuell unterstützt werden sie dabei von dem Visualisten Ferdinand Glück. Der in London und Montserrat (Karibik) aufgewachsene Jahson the Scientist ist ein „Wordsman“, der in seiner Ausdrucksform keine Grenzen kennt, ein Live-Performer, der Live-Instrumentierung mit Samples, Beats oder dem nackten Wort kombiniert. The Scientist ist sowohl für seine Fähigkeit bekannt, Songs aus dem Stegreif zu schaffen, als auch für seine angeregten Wortspiele. Als Texter verwendet er keine Standardformeln und bezieht verschiedene Musikgenres mit ein, wie etwa Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, und soulige Sounds.

The collaborators Jahson the Scientist and Dandario, who co-produce and co-perform in various constellations, present a joint showcase of their musical worlds at the sound:frame Festival. For this presentation, they have invited the singer Paulo Luemba. The visualist Ferdinand Glück accompanies them with live visuals. Jahson the Scientist, raised in both London and Montserrat (Caribbean), is a “wordsman” who sees no limit to his form of expression, a live performer who combines live instrumentation with samples/beats or just the naked word. The Scientist is known for his ability to create songs in the moment and for his inspired use of word-play. As a lyricist he uses no standard formula and embraces diverse genres of music including hip hop, funk, jazz, and soulful sounds.

No Doubt

“Doubt is the killer of man” Nigel Roberts – The quote from Uncle Nije which is heard on the title track is the central theme of the EP.  The eye on the bubble, in the artwork by Aindebo, represents the focus 'The Scientist' has on his creation. “I'm a man now, no time to play around” is the no joke attitude of the artist added to “sky's no limit, the sky is open” to clarify the vision has no boundary.

'The Season' music video shows the process form writing to hitting the stage, moving through different clubs and with DJ's and bands. The video serves as an appetiser, especially for those who haven't seen him live. The official release party will be at the Sound:Frames Festival's 10th Anniversary, with live band and visuals to match in April, the same month that the No Doubt EP will be released.

With production from Flip (Texta), Mez (Soia) and Drew (Big Dada, Tru Thoughts) thumbs up have been given by Dj 279 (UK), Trishes and Dj Phekt (AU) and The Season has been played on Choice FM (UK), FM4 (AU) and Radio Orange (AU) and others.


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